What do I need to buy?

Parents often buy an extensive list of equipment, only to find much of it taking over the home and it rarely used.

Sometimes it’s better to wait and see, get the basics and go from there.

It is also worth saying that not everything has to be new, babies use things for a short time and friends and family are often happy to pass things on. So let me break it down for you….

Nursery – A nightlight is handy, as is a room thermometer.   A sound machine or teddy that plays soothing music and sounds is a nice to have. A baby monitor is not needed initially (perhaps not at all) as your baby will be sleeping in the same room as you.

Sleeping – Some form of moses basket, carrycot or next to me cot, along with sheets and blankets. Sleep bags can be useful for a winter baby. Don’t buy bumpers quilts or sleepyheads, as they are not recommended.

Changing – Nappies, wipes, cotton wool and a change mat. A mat that will fit on top of a chest of drawers, or one that sits on a full size cot are useful as an alternative to a baby change station.

Bathing – A baby bath and hooded towel and nail scissors are needed. A bath thermometer is helpful, but an elbow test can be just as good.

Breast Feeding – Sleep and feeding bra and some nipple cream and breast pads are handy. You’re not likely to need a pump straight away. A feeding pillow is nice to have, but cushions can work too.

Formula Feeding – Bottles and cleaning brush, a steriliser, any method, cold water, steam, microwave.

Clothing – 6 Babygros and 6 vests, muslin cloths, hats and cardigans

On the go – A car seat, pram with sunshade and rain cover, or sling and a change bag.

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