Birth Doula

I will be able to provide you continuity of support on your journey. I can support you with information and evidence based research, but ultimately, I am there to back you in all your decisions.

Do you want some extra support, from someone who knows what you want?

Do you want someone on call, to reassure you in times of anxiety?

Perhaps this is not your first baby, do you want to feel more in control this time around?

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Birth Package Includes

Free Introductory Meeting

Two Ante-natal home visits with you and your partner, if you have one. We can explore your birth preferences, talk about the physiology of birth, see how I can best support you and discuss coping strategies and techniques. We can explore the stages of labour, positions and pain management options, all your hopes and fears, so you feel prepared.

Birth preference assistance to help you clarify your preferences and explain the options that are available to you.

Access to my library of birth associated books.

Unlimited support for you from when you book me, by phone, text and email.

On call from 38-42 weeks, exclusively for you.

During your labour I will join you when you need me to and offer emotional, physical and informational support and guidance, until you welcome your baby into the world.

Initial breastfeeding support after the birth, helping to encourage establishment of breastfeeding.

After birth, I will call to see you and baby at home, to help you consider your birth story and talk about it if you want to. I will also ensure you have the help and support you need available to you, signposting you where necessary.

£750 birth package.

E mail me to arrange to discuss further

Postnatal Doula

It can be hectic after the arrival of a new baby. You will need time to rest and get to know each other.

Do you need an extra pair of hands, some support for you, time to rest or shower?

Do you need someone to hold space for you, keeping things going to allow you to Babymoon?

Has your partner gone back to work and you are finding things a bit overwhelming?

Postnatal Package

I can provide practical and emotional support, caring for your baby and caring for you, cups of tea an empathetic ear and a hug if needed. I can help you to recognise what’s normal for a newborn, assisting you in working through the differing advice and opinions, to find what’s right instinctively for you and your newborn.

I provide support in your home environment to enable you to develop your mothering skills, in a relaxed manner.

I can provide feeding support and signpost for any concerns you may have. I will listen to your birth story and support your decisions in a non-judgemental way, we are all different.

I have a wide knowledge of various approaches and methods of childcare and will use this knowledge to help you discover how you want to do things for your family, to follow your instincts.

I can assist with light housework, laundry, meal preparation and older siblings, really whatever you need to feel comfortable and supported.

I am flexible and my role is to support you and your partner with running your household and getting to know your newborn.

20 hour package, 3 or 4 hour slots

£20 per hour, plus travel expenses over 10 miles, additional hours can be arranged

Call or e mail me to discuss further 07837764177

What my clients have to say…

‘Anne-Marie showed a very soft, sweet and determined personality with which I felt very comfortable, close and confident.’

‘A warm friendly, motherly lady- Anne-Marie is what I feel a doula is all about. She has a natural caring personality and a clear passion for birth and motherhood. The way she expressed her knowledge and advice, added to my confidence and without question made sure I was able to deliver my baby naturally at home.’

‘Anne-Marie is a sweet, gentle calming person who has great empathy and was a fantastic support to us. We trusted her knowledge about labour, birth and babies in general, and benefitted from her knowledge and expertise. We found Anne-Marie approachable, good fun and a very genuine person with a gentle nature, while also being a strong advocate for us during the hospital experience.’