Love is in the air…

February is the month of love, but what we Mums often forget is to love and look after ourselves. Are you so busy running the home, looking after babies, doing the school run and making sure everyone is ok, that you are bottom of the list?

Whatever way you look at it, you can’t give of your best, when there’s nothing left to give. Looking after you is important.

So whether you’re pregnant, a new mum or an old hand juggling a larger family, we all face challenges. Plan some time in your day/week for you, you’ll feel the benefit.

Just a short break can revitalise you, making it easier to cope. I can remember one of my babies had colic, we had hours of crying each night, just a 15 minute break (leaving her in the arms of a friend or family member) made a real impact on me, I was able to manage.

Be kind to yourselves, here’s some ideas:

  • Connect with friends

  • Have a relaxing soak in the bath

  • Book a treatment

  • Go for a walk

  • Get some sun

  • Have a laugh

  • Practice mindfulness

  • Read a book

  • Go shopping

  • Anything else that makes you relax

This really isn’t luxury time, it’s necessity, plan it in, accept offers of help and ensure you are best placed to care for your little ones. Imagine what you would say to a frazzled friend, take some time out.

We are usually good at seeing what others need, there’s nothing new in what I’m suggesting, but we are not good at implementing this, so how are you going to start?

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