Surviving this last week!

Are we nearly there?

Are you struggling with the last few weeks of the summer holidays? You’re not alone, you’re in good company with many other mums across the country. I think the main thing we forget when organising days out, activities and play dates, is that sometimes kids like downtime, at home doing simple things.

I have been guilty of organising too many activates, only to be met with requests to spend time at home in the garden. Here’s a few ideas to get some balance back, time at home, keeping your cherubs amused and cheap too.

Outdoor space- let them just enjoy the outdoors to run and explore in your local park or a countryside walk, the green space is good to destress us mums too.

Chalk- cheap and hours of fun, on a dry day pavements or paving flags can be covered with drawings and games (hopscotch and noughts and crosses). Put old shoes on as they can get scuffed with all that kneeling and drawing. Chalk washes off with the next rain shower, so no clearing up either.

Water- sponge and a bit of soapy water in the garden can last for hours, let your little ones wash garden toys and furniture, even your car if you’re feeling brave enough.

Build a den- inside or out and have a picnic in there. Use blankets or sheets and get creative, they love a torch as the light fades too.

Make cakes- shop bought packet mix or chocolate rice krispy cakes are fine, you’re not Mary Berry, make it easy on yourself.

Be organised- get school preparation for the new term out of the way, your last-minute anxiety over getting it all done will transfer to your children and make them challenging.

Finally, it can be a long 6 weeks, so plan some time for you. Get a break, a few hours to recharge, go for a walk or a coffee in peace, be kind to yourself. Enlist grandparents or a partner, if childcare is not readily available, get creative, swap children with a friend and repay the favour for them.

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