Hello lovely Mum to be- welcome and congratulations on your pregnancy, it’s great that you’re thinking of using a doula. Or you may be a new Mummy, looking for support- read on.

I am a  birth and post natal doula, living in St Helens and have four wonderful children and two  special grandchildren. Over the years I have instinctively helped many friends and family members with pregnancy and baby related concerns. I am a nurturing person and am protective of those around me. When I heard about doulas, I realised I could put my experiences and skills to good use for the benefit of other families.

How do you feel about pregnancy, birth and having a new baby to care for-probably a bit anxious, this is natural, all mums have concerns. Would it help to be able to address those concerns with someone who has the time to listen to you, without jumping to conclusions? A doula also provides that continuity of care, at times you may see a different midwife at every visit- your doula will always be the same.

Remember feeling supported and empowered during your birth experience is my priority. Every birth is different (I know this from my own experiences); I aim to help you feel safe, cared for and listened to, enabling you to relax. I can provide information, allowing you to make informed decisions that suit your needs, during your labour. This will help keep you calm and comfortable until that special moment when you meet your baby. Not forgetting that if your birth partner (if you have one) needs a helping hand, I’ll be there for them too.

How many emotions have you experienced as a new Mum, it can feel overwhelming, with everyone having an opinion on everything! I’ve been there so can offer guidance and practical assistance, addressing any concerns and be an extra pair of hands. There is a great focus on pregnancy and birth, but sometimes not so much on early motherhood. Being a mum, grandma and now doula, I can fill in the gaps and give you the all-important tips to make motherhood that bit easier.

I have a calm, professional and gentle approach. I am passionate about women giving other women the support they need and would feel honoured to assist your family at this most special time. I am non judgemental and will genuinely support and respect the choices you make. This is your time!

I can provide support to you during your birth and with your new baby that will benefit both you and the whole family- step by step with a doula! Get to know me a little more, have a look at my Instagram @stepbystep.doula. Enjoy your journey to motherhood!